No Fantasy For Football

After 15 or so years, this is the first NFL Season that I am not actively participating in a Fantasy Football League. Believe it or not, I miss the action. But understand, it wasn’t an addition issue or anything like that, it was just time to take a year off. Moreover, the league I had been in for the last oh so many years, started to come unglued with people getting older, financial situations, as well as sheer procrastination amongst the clan.

Rest assured, I am sure that I will bide my time and remain in the weeds, and most likely start anew next NFL season. But to be honest, while I miss the action and smack talk, I am actually enjoying the actual NFL season as it is.

I no longer find myself glued to the computer all week, trying to find out if Stephan Jackson can rumble one more week, or which Cowboy running back will get the most carries. Also, I don’t lose sleep over how many catches Hines Ward will grab, or if David Garrard will be a stud or dud this year.

It is weird not to have a rooting interest in a game where two teams are playing, and I really don’t like either one, but I just happen to have their defense starting on my Fantasy team. Though I will say, I am actually just enjoying football for what it is, a game played by millionaires run by billionaires. Okay, that was an undeserved zing. Other than when my real team plays, the game itself doesn’t irritate and stress me out like it used too, it just unfolds like a well written play, or falls apart like a fortune cookie.

The only item that now irritates me is my shrinking television screen, as each network now has way too much going on. Please, can we just get back to the action and have the commentators discuss the game in front of them. Likewise, there is on most networks now, a scroll, a crawl, mid game updates, yardage for games on the crawl, the scroll updates the crawl with a survey from viewers, that polls listeners on the web, who have texted in their first half MVP…and then James Brown breaks in with a highlight from another game.

Oh, what game was I watching? Now I realize I need stronger glasses, because I can barely see what Rashard Mendenhall is doing. Is he carrying the football or blocking? Wait…wait,  Mendenhall isn’t even on the field.

Awesome, Mendenhall is back on the field and running with the rock, and now he hits high gear. Holy, woah…the scroll said he just rain for 50 yards…

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Charlie Batch: Sometimes nice guys finish first…

In what should be a hot Sunday in Tampa, a nice guy will get the chance to finish first for once, or at least a chance to start. On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin announced to the football consuming world, that Charlie Batch would line up under center, when the Black and Gold meet up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This isn’t about Ben Roethlisberger, or the 2010 expectations for the season, simply its about a guy getting his due.

Since Big Ben has been on hiatus, Mike Tomlin and the Steelers have watched Byron Leftwich lose a chance to man the helm with an injury, and most recently – – the more athletic Dennis Dixon succumbed to the injury bug against Tennessee. The fourth quarterback in the pecking order gets the nod. What an odd season for Pittsburgh.

But lets not shed tears Steeler Nation, this is a good thing. Charlie Batch the longtime caddie for Roethlisberger, Tommy Maddox and Kordell Stewart gets his chance. The guy who wasn’t supposed to be here is going to play in a professional football game in Tampa.

Surely, the Nation knows that Charlie Batch has started before for Pittsburgh, and won some important games. Those efforts are not forgotten, no, not at all. But this is something different, this is about a guy who has quietly gone about his business in a low-key fashion, and has been supportive of all the quarterbacks who started in Pittsburgh during his tenure. Even when he might have been the better solution during the Cowher and Tomlin era’s, respectively.

In an age where Brett Farve needs to be begged off the couch to play a kids game for a bucket of cash, and Darrell Revis won’t play even though he has a contract and several buckets of cash; Charlie Batch hangs in there like a comfortable pair of jeans. It is well noted, every time a Steeler quarterback comes off the field, whether it be a touchdown or a costly pick, Batch is there to review the pictures, causing a stir he is not.

In an era where every player has something to sell, a charity to promote, but not actively support; Batch humbly dedicates himself to his own foundations in the Pittsburgh area; keeping at risk youth out of sticky situations, while promoting their educational prowess. If not mentioned in recent broadcasts, many would not know the good deeds Batch is fulfilling. After all, he is the quiet one. Accountable and stable. After all again, in his prior life for better or for worse, Charlie Batch was the best quarterback the Detroit Lions had witnessed up close since, well, who knows…

But that is Batch, he was the best quarterback in Detroit during his time, until he was cast off and quietly signed in his native Pittsburgh.

So here is Charlie Batch, the quiet professional, starting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. If this is his last shot at significant playing time, he will be remembered for doing so much, while having little opportunities, but so much success. It may get hot in Tampa on Sunday, but Charlie Batch will remain as he is, collected and calm in the conditions that are presented.

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The question is why do we hold things back from each other? At least for me, I have noticed I hold things in sometimes, or I don’t want certain people or that random person to know something about me. Is that wrong? Or is it programmed in my behavior or self awareness?

Or do I want some of me to remain private and in some respects true to myself. Recently I ran into an old friend, and he told me “man, you never change.” At first I thought he meant that as a negative character trait, in that I have not adjusted to the world we live in now, or that I have not grown in some way. But I must say, it wasn’t one of those comments that bothered all that much, but it did get me to think about things in general.

Later it did turn out that he meant it as a compliment, so I guess that was good.

Though, returning to my original thought, why do I hide certain things from a selection of people? Maybe it is that I want to make myself seem more exciting, more important than I really am. Or it could just be that I am ashamed of some items and I am not letting you that far.

Maybe I am scared of what this person or group of people may think, that actually may be it. Moreover, I have always tried to stay true to myself in 99% of the aspects of my life. Rarely do I sway away from one of my principle beliefs and ideals, not to say that I blow my horn so loud as to not hear someone’s reasoning for their valued belief. Typically I don’t get involved in one-sided political/religious/sports topic-arguments, its just not in my nature.

My feeling is if your of a certain political party, you’ll remain in the political party, regardless of what I have to say. Thusly, the same goes for me. But I am not too withdrawn to hear something that is interesting to me in some regard. Doesn’t mean I will agree. Same can be said for sports, I will always be a fan of my team(s), regardless of how much you hate them.

But that is not what we are going for. I think more than anything, I am looking for answer within myself, I need to extract that area of my brain.


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Great day with kids

Had a great day with my children, as I met my parents at a horse farm for Horse Appreciation Day. Both kids got to ride several small horses for the first time.

To boot, the both one a goldfish which will probably be dead by morning.

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New to this

I am new to this and I am not really sure what to write. I think I joined out of frustration, not with life in general or anything like that. Dear me, I am not one of those.

Maybe it is because I was once told I was a great writer, that I have started to get the urge to type away once again. Or maybe it was because I was looking into some of my old songs I had written, that I wanted to get my live chops up again. Nothing big mind you, just farted around in some local bands and jammed with friends in my late teens and into my mid 20’s.

Oh God…now in my 30’s I started to recently pick up my guitar, or what appears to be left of it, and I realize I suck. I must have sucked before too, mind you. However, I felt good playing it, I could give a shit that no one wants to listen to me. My voice isn’t that good and my song arrangements aren’t probably that good either. But this is a start, maybe this is where I prove I am too old and too tired to do anything. Maybe its just something I will do to pass time when my young children go to sleep.

I guess a few of my songs from years past where okay. But I guess you won’t find it on youtube or anything, unless you look really hard. I think.

Something must have driven me to start again. Emptiness? I surely doubt so. I have two youngsters that keep me busy, a wife, a job. Was I inspired by something, this I do not know.Hopefully I can get the hang of this.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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