New to this

I am new to this and I am not really sure what to write. I think I joined out of frustration, not with life in general or anything like that. Dear me, I am not one of those.

Maybe it is because I was once told I was a great writer, that I have started to get the urge to type away once again. Or maybe it was because I was looking into some of my old songs I had written, that I wanted to get my live chops up again. Nothing big mind you, just farted around in some local bands and jammed with friends in my late teens and into my mid 20’s.

Oh God…now in my 30’s I started to recently pick up my guitar, or what appears to be left of it, and I realize I suck. I must have sucked before too, mind you. However, I felt good playing it, I could give a shit that no one wants to listen to me. My voice isn’t that good and my song arrangements aren’t probably that good either. But this is a start, maybe this is where I prove I am too old and too tired to do anything. Maybe its just something I will do to pass time when my young children go to sleep.

I guess a few of my songs from years past where okay. But I guess you won’t find it on youtube or anything, unless you look really hard. I think.

Something must have driven me to start again. Emptiness? I surely doubt so. I have two youngsters that keep me busy, a wife, a job. Was I inspired by something, this I do not know.Hopefully I can get the hang of this.



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