The question is why do we hold things back from each other? At least for me, I have noticed I hold things in sometimes, or I don’t want certain people or that random person to know something about me. Is that wrong? Or is it programmed in my behavior or self awareness?

Or do I want some of me to remain private and in some respects true to myself. Recently I ran into an old friend, and he told me “man, you never change.” At first I thought he meant that as a negative character trait, in that I have not adjusted to the world we live in now, or that I have not grown in some way. But I must say, it wasn’t one of those comments that bothered all that much, but it did get me to think about things in general.

Later it did turn out that he meant it as a compliment, so I guess that was good.

Though, returning to my original thought, why do I hide certain things from a selection of people? Maybe it is that I want to make myself seem more exciting, more important than I really am. Or it could just be that I am ashamed of some items and I am not letting you that far.

Maybe I am scared of what this person or group of people may think, that actually may be it. Moreover, I have always tried to stay true to myself in 99% of the aspects of my life. Rarely do I sway away from one of my principle beliefs and ideals, not to say that I blow my horn so loud as to not hear someone’s reasoning for their valued belief. Typically I don’t get involved in one-sided political/religious/sports topic-arguments, its just not in my nature.

My feeling is if your of a certain political party, you’ll remain in the political party, regardless of what I have to say. Thusly, the same goes for me. But I am not too withdrawn to hear something that is interesting to me in some regard. Doesn’t mean I will agree. Same can be said for sports, I will always be a fan of my team(s), regardless of how much you hate them.

But that is not what we are going for. I think more than anything, I am looking for answer within myself, I need to extract that area of my brain.



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