No Fantasy For Football

After 15 or so years, this is the first NFL Season that I am not actively participating in a Fantasy Football League. Believe it or not, I miss the action. But understand, it wasn’t an addition issue or anything like that, it was just time to take a year off. Moreover, the league I had been in for the last oh so many years, started to come unglued with people getting older, financial situations, as well as sheer procrastination amongst the clan.

Rest assured, I am sure that I will bide my time and remain in the weeds, and most likely start anew next NFL season. But to be honest, while I miss the action and smack talk, I am actually enjoying the actual NFL season as it is.

I no longer find myself glued to the computer all week, trying to find out if Stephan Jackson can rumble one more week, or which Cowboy running back will get the most carries. Also, I don’t lose sleep over how many catches Hines Ward will grab, or if David Garrard will be a stud or dud this year.

It is weird not to have a rooting interest in a game where two teams are playing, and I really don’t like either one, but I just happen to have their defense starting on my Fantasy team. Though I will say, I am actually just enjoying football for what it is, a game played by millionaires run by billionaires. Okay, that was an undeserved zing. Other than when my real team plays, the game itself doesn’t irritate and stress me out like it used too, it just unfolds like a well written play, or falls apart like a fortune cookie.

The only item that now irritates me is my shrinking television screen, as each network now has way too much going on. Please, can we just get back to the action and have the commentators discuss the game in front of them. Likewise, there is on most networks now, a scroll, a crawl, mid game updates, yardage for games on the crawl, the scroll updates the crawl with a survey from viewers, that polls listeners on the web, who have texted in their first half MVP…and then James Brown breaks in with a highlight from another game.

Oh, what game was I watching? Now I realize I need stronger glasses, because I can barely see what Rashard Mendenhall is doing. Is he carrying the football or blocking? Wait…wait,  Mendenhall isn’t even on the field.

Awesome, Mendenhall is back on the field and running with the rock, and now he hits high gear. Holy, woah…the scroll said he just rain for 50 yards…


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